My Book

Hi Guys,

It is almost time to reveal what I have been working on for the past months. 

Last year, I decided to start writing my own Instagram book. Over the past few years, I gained extensive knowledge about Instagram. I grew an engaged following for my Fashion Blog "German Blondy" and various companies worked for.

I attended influencer and industry events and I always heard the same complaint. Instagram does not work for me, the algorithm is the evil guy or I want to quit Instagram.

It came naturally to introduce myself to the conversation and to offer my social media knowledge. I reached a point where I thought to myself why not writing and publishing my own book?

This way I can reach and help more people to step up their Instagram account because after all this it one of the most used platforms. Used correctly you can increase your conversions and turn fans into customers.

My Instagram Book focused on everything you need to know in order to be successful. I am revealing the follow/unfollow strategy and how to work safely with bots. I will teach you how to use Instagram as a lead magnet and how to run giveaways that make sense. 

My book will be launching on Amazon by the end of February. I am currently in the stage of fine-tuning everything. 

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